Covid-19 Advisory

Covid-19 Advisory

Covid-19 Advisory

  • April 25, 2021

Advisory to students and parents - second wave of Covid-19 (April 25, 2021).

Advisory to students and parents - second wave of Covid-19 (April 25, 2021).

Covid-19 Advisory Advisory to students and parents - second wave of Covid-19 (April 25, 2021). When: — Where: Category:

Advisory to students and parents - second wave of Covid-19

(April 25, 2021)


MCOMS sailed through a difficult state of affairs caused by Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and promptly started online classes helping to maintain academic calendar and finish evaluations within a reasonable period, which is indeed appreciated by the Kathmandu University, students and parents.


Although there was a respite in the last quarter of 2020, and F2F classes resumed accordingly, a second wave is raising a concern and anxiety among us as far as safety of the students is concerned. It is therefore decided that all F2F theory classes will be adjourned and converted into online classes with immediate effect, however other activities such as clinical postings, practicals, PBLs, seminars, examinations etc. will continue to be F2F in small batches maintaining social distancing and corona prevention guidelines.


Students have been advised to remain on campus and adhere to the corona prevention guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Govt of Nepal. Students and the parents will be kept apprised of any further development or instructions from the Kathmandu University / Govt of Nepal.


Medicare scheme of the Manipal Teaching Hospital does not cater to any pandemic, therefore parents are once again advised to ensure student’s adequate Corona cover under a suitable Medicare/Health Insurance scheme.


Govt of Nepal’s present policy does not offer vaccination to the students.  Nonetheless, MCOMS is looking forward to vaccinating all the students, as soon as vaccine is made available by the Govt of Nepal or on payment.


Parents are advised to take a final decision on their ward’s stay at the campus and it would be presumed that parents are willing to accept calculated risk if their wards continue to stay on the campus. In case a student is unable to continue with academic activities as above, student will be required to compensate lost academic hours after returning to the college. Failing to obtain the stipulated attendance and internal assessment required by KU, student may have to repeat the semester.


Institution will take due precautions and follow the prevailing preventive measures directed for Corona prevention by the Govt of Nepal but in the event of any incidence institution will not be held responsible.



Air Vice Marshal (Dr) D. C. Agarwal, VSM

Dean, MCOMS & CEO, MEMG Nepal                                                                                                   [Download PDF Notice]