1st Neuro Conference

1st Neuro Conference

1st Annual Neuro Conference

  • Start Date:November 29, 2019
  • End Date:November 30, 2019

Abstract submission & registration deadline: 30th September 2019

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Abstract submission & registration deadline: 30th September 2019

1st Annual Neuro Conference Abstract submission & registration deadline: 30th September 2019 When: — Where: MTH (MCOMS) Category: University Updates

1st Manipal Annual Neuro Conference

Organised by:

Department of Neurosurgery

Manipal Teaching Hospital

Pokhara, Nepal

Abstract Submission & registration Deadline: 30th September 2019


Guidelines for Abstract Submission:

  • The files should be submitted in .doc or .docs format. Files submitted in .pdf, .zip, .com will not be accepted.
  • Times New Roman,  font size 12 should be used in manuscript. Texts should be typed in double space, margin 25 mm.
  • When starting a sentence with a number, please spell the number. For e.g. “Seventy one percent of subjects had…”
  • Single digit numbers should be spelled out. For e.g. “..was found in two percent..”.
  • When using drug names, generic names should be used. Trade names are not allowed.
  • Please do not write in contractions. For e.g. write “do not” instead of “don’t”.

Abstract must contain be in a structured format.

  • Introduction: state why the study was done, the main aim and the nature of the study (randomized clinical trial, retrospective review, experimental study, etc.).
  • Methods: describe patients, laboratory material and other methods used.
  • Results: state the main findings, including important numerical values.
  • Conclusion: state the main conclusions, highlighting controversial or unexpected observations.


Provide 3 to 6 keywords in alphabetical orders separated buy semicolons. Use words listed in MeSH index.

Poster Guidelines


Please prepare your poster presentation in accordance with the below specifications before submitting your Poster.

  • Poster Size: 90 cm x 120 cm (36 inch x 48 Inch)

  • Format: FLEX CHART

  • Font type: Please use Times New Roman

  • Font size: The font size should be 14pt or bigger.

  • Images and Tables:

You are welcome to use images and tables in your presentation

  • All graphs and tables must have descriptions and should be mentioned in the text as well

  • Be careful to respect copyright and personal anonymity with your images or photos

One of the author should be present at the poster room at the specified date and time.

Time and schedule will be finalized after submission deadline closes.
Submit the file in a JPEG, or PDF format too.