Tariff Chart

Tariff Chart


Manipal Teaching Hospital is arguably the least expensive hospital in Nepal, and the rates for various services can be comparable to government hospitals. Overall, the cost of healthcare in MTH is about 60-80% cheaper to that in any private hospital in India. Some common services are shown below for ready reference.

General Hospital Services

  • Registration charges: Rs55/- (valid for 7 days)
  • Bed charges (per day): General 50/-; Private (twin-sharing) 700/-; Special (Single) 1,000/-; ICU1,000/-; Semi-ICU1,000/
  • Doctor visit/consultation charges: NIL for in-patients
  • Nursing charge: NIL

Diagnostic services

Radio-diagnosis & Imaging

  • X-Ray: 280/- (for any part of the body)
  • CT-Scan Head: plain 2,000/-; with contrast 2,750/- (contrast not included)
  • CT-guided FNAC: 1,000/-
  • Mammography (with stereotactic biopsy): 1,550/-
  • MRI (any one part): 6,000/-

Lab tests

  • Pathology: CBC 200/-; Haemoglobin 80/-; TLC-DLC 150/-; BT-CT 50/-; Urine RE 100/-; PAP smear 300/-
  • Biochemistry: Blood Glucose (Fasting/PP/Random) 40/-; LFT 300/-; Lipid profile 400/-; ASL/ALT 100/- each; Thyroid Function Test 750/-; T4/T4/TSH 250/- each; Amylase 200/-; CPK/CK 200/-; CPK-MB/CK-MB 300/-; Free PSA 1,000/
  • Microbiology: Monteux test 50/-; Stool ME 50/-; Rheumatoid Factor 80/-; Widal test 100/-; C-Reactive Protein (CRP) 150/-; Blood Culture 175/-; ASO Titre 180/-; HBsAg Spot 200/-; HBsAg ELISA 300/-; HIV/HCV Spot 250/- each; HIV/HCV ELISA 400/- each; DS-DNA 1,000/

Therapeutic Services

Full tariff list is available only on request from the hospital (please e-mail to MTHwith your details and purpose).

Please note that:

  • Amount are all indicative, and not acceptable for quoting/billing or any other official purposes whatsoever
  • All amounts shown are in NPR
  • Amounts are as per the prevailing Tariff List at the time of updating and are subject to change/revision without notice and/or updating in the website
  • Amounts shown are for OPD/ER patients only, for patients availing of higher class of accommodation, the amounts shall be different.