While delivering the healthcare services to the patients, Manipal Teaching Hospital (MTH) provides the clinical education and training necessary for the doctors, nurses, and other health professionals. This hospital campus is spread across 10 hectares of land, with following independent units.

  • Hospital Building: G+5 building with Basement, ground floor foot-print 6,046 sq. m, total floor area 46,603 sq. m
  • Landscaping: 400 sq. m
  • Parking 4,000 sq. m
  • Generator House Complex: Has Caterpillar Diesel Generators (2 units, total capacity 500 KV for round-the-clock power back-up), Pump House with overhead tanks (with separate reservoir for fire-hose supply line) and Incinerator
  • ETP complex: The effluent treatment plant handles and processes all liquid waste with no contamination/pollution to the adjacent river.

There are also other useful amenities available in the hospital including ATM, Bank Counter, Coffee Shop, Canteen, Spectacle Shop and a Helipad for air-lifting patients.