Elective Opportunities

Electives at Manipal Teaching Hospital are very popular among international medical professionals. These Electives are opportunity for the Medical Professionals to observe and learn about common health and healthcare challenges of under-developed & developing countries.

These provide a first-hand experience in diagnosis, management and prevention of prevalent as well as rare ailments. Some common health issues in Nepal are water and food borne diseases, respiratory infectious diseases, vector-borne diseases, anaemia, nutritional and vitamin deficiencies, rheumatic fever and heart diseases, parasitic infestations, malignancies, collagen and skin disorders etc.

These Electives are developed in association with Manipal Teaching Hospital and are popular among professionals from UK, USA, South Africa, Australia, Asian and European Countries.



Any Medical Professional can apply for the Elective.

Application as per attached format along with necessary documents may be submitted online.



Elective for a maximum period of 3 months may be accepted.



USD400 for a period of four weeks. For additional periods, the fee will be US$100 per week.


Download elective application form


Elective proposal has to be sent to:

Dr Dharma Raj Bhatta




Director, Elective Program

Dr S. Gokhale, Vice-Principal



Dean & CEO
Air Vice Marshal (Dr) D C Agarwal, VSM
Dean, MCOMS & CEO, MEMG Nepal


Elective postings have been facilitated for medical professionals of:

# Country University
1 Argentina Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires
2 Australia Curtin University
3 Australia Griffith University
4 Australia James Cook University
5 Australia LA Trobe, Australia
6 Australia Monash University
7 Australia Sydney Med School
8 Australia University of Adelaide
9 Australia University of East Anglia
10 Australia University of New England
11 Australia University of New South Wales
12 Australia University of Newcastle
13 Australia University of Queensland
14 Australia University of Sydney
15 Australia University of Western Australia
16 Australia University of Western Ontario
17 Australia Wollongong University
18 Austria Charite Berlin Medicine University
19 Austria Medical University of Vienna
20 Austria University of Innsbruck
21 Belgium KU Leuven
22 Bulgaria Medicine University of Pleven
23 Canada University of Sherbrooke
24 Canada University of Toronto
25 Chile Pontificia University
26 China Jinggangshan University
27 China Southern Medical University, Guangzhou
28 Czech Republic Charles University Prague
29 England University of Plymouth
30 Germany Eberhard Karls University
31 Germany Fredrich Schiller Uni-Jena
32 Germany Goethe University
33 Germany Johannes Gutenberg University
34 Germany Justus Liebig Universitat Giessen
35 Germany Ludwig Maximilian University
36 Germany Phillips Uni Marburg
37 Germany RWTH Aachen University
38 Germany Technical University Munich
39 Germany Technical University of Dresden
40 Germany Universität Medizin Greifswald
41 Germany Universität Witten Herdecke
42 Germany University Erlangen-Nuremberg
43 Germany University Medical Centre Hamburg Eppendorf
44 Germany University of Bonn
45 Germany University of Cologne
46 Germany University of Düsseldorf
47 Germany University of Frankfurt
48 Germany University of Freiburg
49 Germany University of Gottingen
50 Germany University of Regensburg Bavaria
51 Germany University of Saarland
52 Germany Wuerrberg University
53 Graz Medical University of Graz
54 Hongkong Chinese University of Hong Kong
55 Iceland University of Iceland
56 Ireland University College Dublin
57 Malaysia International Medical University, Malaysia
58 Muenster University of Muenster
59 Netherland Radboud University, Netherland
60 Netherlands Universiteit Utrecht, Netherlands
61 Netherlands University of Applied Sciences Utrech, Netherlands
62 New Zealand University of Otago, New Zealand
63 Portugal University of Algarve, Portugal
64 Singapore National University of Singapore, Singapore
65 Surrey University of Surrey
66 Switzerland University of Lausanne, Switzerland
67 Technology Misr University for Science and Technology
68 UK Barts & The London School of Medicine & Dentistry
69 UK Birmingham University
70 UK Brighton & Sussex university
71 UK Bristol University
72 UK Cambridge University
73 UK Cardiff University
74 UK Edinburgh Napier University
75 UK Guy’s & St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust London
76 UK Imperial College of London
77 UK King’s College London
78 UK Kingston University
79 UK Liverpool University
80 UK Newcastle University
81 UK Nottingham University
82 UK Queen Mary University of London
83 UK Queen Medicine University
84 UK Queen’s University Belfast
85 UK Sheffield University
86 UK St. George University
87 UK St. Geroge’s University of London
88 UK Staffordshire University
89 UK University Buckingham Shire
90 UK University College London
91 UK University of Aberdeen
92 UK University of Bath
93 UK University of Brighton
94 UK University of Buckingham
95 UK University of College London Medical School
96 UK University of Dundee
97 UK University of Edinburgh
98 UK University of Exeter Medical School
99 UK University of Glasgow
100 UK University of Lancaster
101 UK University of Leeds
102 UK University of Leicester
103 UK University of Manchester
104 UK University of South Hampton
105 UK University of Warwick
106 UK University of York
107 UK Swansea University
108 UK Birmingham City University
109 US Simmons College