Campus Rules

Campus Rules, incl. Fee Rules, Do’s and Don’ts

Manipal College of Medical Sciences

Basic Sciences (Deep) and Clinical Sciences (MTH) Campuses

Campus, Hostel & Mess Rules including Fee Rules, Do’s and Don’ts

· After a student is given admission to the course of study, no refund of fee is permitted on account of non-registration/withdrawal/absence from college or other reasons. A student who withdraws from the course after commencement of the classes, in addition to the installment of the fee already forfeited, will be required to remit to the college the installments of fee payable for the remaining period of the course of study.

· It is mandatory for all students to reside in the hostels.  All hostel rooms are double occupancy based. However, if required, single occupancy room may be provided subject to the availability of rooms. Single occupancy will invite double payment of the standard hostel charges.

· Student will need to stay in the allotted hostel room at the Deep/MTH campuses throughout their stay during the course of studies. Change of room may be permitted and approved only if a student is opting for single occupancy from double occupancy, or vice-versa.

· Students must not deface the hostel walls and shall not interchange hostel furniture and other items provided by the college.

· Students are NOT PERMITTED to stay overnight outside their hostel premises (this includes staying with the local guardian or parents), without prior written permission of the Warden.

· Entry of boys into girls’ hostels and vice-versa is not permitted, violation of this will invite suspension from the college.

· Students are not allowed to bring outsiders into their hostels, nor are outsiders permitted to stay overnight in the hostel. This includes family members and relatives. Students may meet with visitors (family and friends) on campus.

· Students staying in the Basic Sciences (Deep campus) hostels must take a No Dues Certificate prior to shifting to the Clinical Sciences (Phulbari campus) hostel. If No Dues Certificate is not obtained they will be charged for all the items missing from their rooms.

· Membership of mess is mandatory for all students. The member will be charged for all meals on monthly basis.

· If a mess member is granted leave for 15 days or more and informs the mess in writing, 48 hours in advance, the mess charges for the duration of absence may be waived off on pro-rata basis. Same rule will apply to students proceeding on end-semester vacations.

· The students do not have the option of paying only for single meal like breakfast/lunch/snacks/dinner individually. However, students who are staying with their parents in Pokhara have the option of exemption from mess membership, or may opt for partial meals. They need to apply on prescribed form with parents’ signatures. Their application will be processed by the Director Basic Sciences and approved by the Dean. The students will be informed accordingly.

· Mess charges of the month will be put on the notice board by the 10th of next month and mess account advance will be adjusted against the same on or before 20th. Students may seek mess account statements from the Accounts Dept and verify their bills and balances after 20th of each month, however dues/advances will be adjusted on an annual basis, along with the tuition fee installments.

· Refund or exemption of mess charges, if any, will be effective only after approval and instructions of the Dean to the Finance/Accts Dept.

· Ragging of any nature is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and students implicated in any such incidences will be dealt with severely which may  include suspension or RUSTICATION.

· Main entrance gate of the campus is closed at 10.00PM. All students staying in the hostels must return to the campus before closing of the entrance gate.

· Library and reading room of the campus is closed at 11.00PM. Students must be back inside their hostel rooms by 11:00PM.

· Students are advised to refrain from alcohol,  tobacco consumption, smoking and the use of prohibited intoxicant substances. The use of these substances on campus and in the hostels is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Gambling is also not permitted. Antinarcotics Bureau may perform extensive search of the campus and hostels anytime and students would need to co-operate with their search teams. The students are subject to the law of the land and any breach will be dealt with severely.

· Students are not allowed to convene social gatherings/meetings of any nature within hostel premises without written permission from the Dean.

· Even if a group of students conduct an event outside the campus premises, each student participating in it must seek written permission of the respective hostel warden.

· Students are advised to maintain relatively low sound levels at all times. Playing of loud music, shouting and other such noisy behaviour will not be condoned.

· Students staying in the hostels are not allowed to possess scooters, motorbikes, cars etc. In addition, hiring or riding motorcycles is not allowed.

· Students opting for the adventurous sports must understand the risks involved and ensure their safety accordingly.  Swimming ino the rivers and tributaries is dangerous and must never be attempted. MCOMS will not be responsible for any untoward incident resulting into injury / loss of life.