Tuition & Misc. Fee

Tuition & Misc. Fee

Tuition & Misc. Fee

Tuition Fee:
*Please refer to for the tuition fee [and installments], if stipulated by Govt [MEC/KU]

2021-22 MBBS Tuition Fee -
SAARC and Other
International Admissions

SAARC Nationals

Other International
(incl. NRIs/NRNs etc.)

(Indian Rs)


Total (in installment)

USD 75,000

USD 90,000


Indian Nationals

Other International



First Year Installment

USD 25,000

USD 30,000

Second Year Installment

USD 25,000

USD 30,000

Third Year Installment

USD 18,750

USD 22,500

Fourth Year Installment

USD 6,250

USD 7,500

*Second, Third and Fourth Yearly Installments are payable latest by the month of June (respective year).


Miscellaneous Fee (in Nepali Rs - NPRs, for all students): The tuition fee does not include following:

Refundable Caution Deposit (one time)


Refundable Mess Deposit (one time)


Hostel Furnishing Facility (one time)


Annual Hostel Fee

NPRs1,38,000/- (Single Occupancy) or
NPRs84,000/- (Double Occupancy)

Monthly Mess Fee


Annual Extended Learning (LMS etc.) Charge


Annual Medicare & Term Insurance Charge


* Not Applicable for Scholarship/Free Category Students.


1.6 Nepali Rs = 1 Indian Re (for USD, exchange rate on date of transaction)