Elective Program

Elective Program

Elective Placement Opportunities

Elective Program

Electives programs are popular internship programs among international students. These programs give students an exposure to health problems of under-developed & developing countries.

They also provide students with a first-hand experience in treatment of environment-related ailments that are prevalent in the lower socio-economic strata like GI disturbances, ARI infectious diseases, vector-borne diseases, IDD, anaemia, vitamin deficiencies, rheumatic fever and heart diseases, worm infestations, malignancies, collagen and skin diseases etc.

Elective Programs are developed in association with Manipal Teaching Hospital and are popular among students from UK, USA, South Africa, Australia and European Countries.

Elective subjects offered at the MCOMS, Nepal:

  • Paediatrics
  • Community Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Internal Medicine
  • Family Medicine
  • Tropical Medicine
  • Orthopaedics
  • Critical Care
  • Community Health projects

Eligibility of Elective Students

A regular student enrolled in the clinical stream can apply after completion of basic sciences in any medical college. He/she should apply with:

A letter from the Institution stating that he/she has been allowed for the elective placement with specified duration.

  • Certificate of good standing from the institution/elective supervisor
  • CV with two referees.

Elective Course Fee:

USD 200 per student for a period of one month or less, additional USD 50 per extra week. Maximum elective duration is for 6 months.


Elective proposal has to be sent to:

Dr B M Nagpal
CEO, MEMG, Nepal
Dean, MCOMS, Pokhara

Director Academics
Dr Vijay Alurkar
Director Academics
Professor & Head , Department of Internal Medicine & Cardiology

Department Chair
Head of the Department concerned
Director Hospital :Dr P K Chakraborty
Director- MTH, Professor, Department of Psychiatry

Elective Program Co-ordinator
Dr A. L. Sharma
Professor, Department of Community Medicine
MCOMS, Pokhara