Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

VISION: Global leadership in human development, excellence in education and health care


MISSION: To be among the most preferred destination for students and teachers of health sciences at all levels of medical education in Nepal


International bonding to achieve all round recognition for excellence in health care delivery among Southeast Asian Nations


GOAL: To achieve acceptance of MCOMS as an excellent learning centre and dependable and affordable healthcare provider in Nepal



  • To establish MCOMS as an institution sensitive to the health needs and expectations of all sections of the people of Nepal
  • To establish MTH as the best women and children friendly hospital
  • To establish adequate research infra-structure – both hospital and community based- for effective practice of evidence based medicine in MTH
  • To establish and maintain strong working relationship with all health care and social welfare organizations in Nepal to optimize mutual institutional support and community benefits
  • To widen further the partnership base and to establish firmly the social commitment of the institution in the provision of health services, alongside excellence in education and research.